• Maintenance Inspections

    Your home is very much a living entity and should be treated as such. It rises from the ground, inhales and exhales air. It has an internal climate and is affected by the environment around it. It gets sick when systems break down and needs repair when wounded. In most cases, you will not know what is wrong until something breaks down or when what appeared to be just a stain turns into major deterioration. And just like with our own bodies, one symptom is usually a sign of a bigger problem that, if not repaired, can lead to even more and bigger problems later on.

    Ironically, as large of an investment as a house is, it is maintained far less frequently than a typical car though your house often costs many times as much. We are told to service the oil and perform preventative maintenance on our cars every 3-5k miles; a home rarely ever receives a check-up. Instead, problems that occur in a home are typically only addressed after something breaks or becomes very obvious. At this point the damage is done and the expense can cause a financial strain. Most homeowners give very little consideration to the fact that, if found early on, home related problems can be addressed before those small issues become large problems.

    How do you know something is wrong with your home to begin with? The only way to know is to have a professional inspect its components. Just like a car that goes in for a thirty point check-up, a professional home maintenance inspection will cover several hundred of the over 15,000 components your home is made up of.

    Based on various factors such as tree cover, weather exposure, normal wear and tear, and the finite lifespan of today’s construction materials and mechanical systems, we recommend that you schedule a home maintenance inspection at least every two years. Even if you only plan to reside in the home for a short time, periodic maintenance will save you many dollars down the road.

    A home maintenance inspection is performed in the same manner as our standard home inspection and we will generate the same easy to read comprehensive report with photos of all areas of major concern.