• Infrared Camera & Moisture Detection

    Using an Infrared camera is a great tool to use during your home inspection, it helps find,

    • Moisture inside walls, ceilings,etc
    • Missing insulation.
    • Overheating Electrical problems.
    • Plumbing Leaks.
    • Energy loss.
    • Roof Leaks.
    • Heat and AC Duct work air leakage.
    • Exhaust fan leakage.

    Wet ceiling, blue patch is wet shown through the infrared camera. Our Digital moisture meter than verifies that it is in fact wet and not missing insulation.

    Missing insulation on a hot summer day, orange is heat from the attic.

    Infloor heating

    Moisture meter

    Moisture Meter


    Some people claim you can see Ghosts with these cameras, Maybe so?